Chinese Spies in the Melbourne Office of Securecrop

Chinese Intelligence Agencies seem very aggressive in exploiting Australia’s national interests. Australian intelligence and security organizations have found the Chinese developing and utilizing their surveillance, cyber espionage, recruitment methods, artificial intelligence and stealing of intellectual property over the past few years.
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His Story

James Preston is a highly ambitious and intellect Marketing Director and Professional Writer. The young journalist is passionate about law-related issues and international relations. 

James, as a big believer in human rights, has a desire to shine the light on topics of which are swept under the rug such as; Domestic Violence against men or military matters.

James is no stranger to social justice as he himself grew up in a home of violence and chaos. After leaving home and claiming independence at the age of fifteen, he obtained multiple study certificates and a diploma within the law industry and began a career as a Private Investigator once he had turned eighteen!

Now a father, James began his own marketing and production company in which allows him to seek a fulfilling journey as a Journalist and bring suspense and thrill to his followers.


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